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Behaviour Based Safety Training

Employee behaviour is often become the source of many accidents in the industry. Like the process of release of chemicals into the air, which is the earliest occurrence of catastrophic accidents, can not separated from the human reason. The existences of various factors that influence and shape human behaviour which are relevant to work’s safety. Start by personal factors communal factors, all of which are an easy source of danger need be clearly identified. Requiring various approaches from different disciplines-especially in psychology, communications, engineering and others to able to find the various factors that cause human behavior to become the source of the accident.

Work environment, the main characteristics of the work environment that has chemical processes, also a form factor of human behavior. Frequently work environment is “forcing” people to change unsafe behavior. Let’s say: the presences of a noisy work environment, everyone who works in the area definitely need ear protection equipment or work environment that smells like certain chemicals then surely the workers would need a mask certain chemicals anyway.
Human behaviour it self, even though it’s been able to predict the dynamic-object remains in the realm of K3 management. The ability to analyze or perceive every human being is a key point for the technique to measure human behaviour.
Currently K3 risk management with a focus on controlling unsafe behavior or something could potentially be the cause of the incident K3 of work, has implemented by various companies. The terms agreed upon in writing though no consensus based on safe behavior or Behaviour Based Safety.
Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is a comprehensive and integrated program that involves a variety of human resources in the organization industry. Application of BBS in various process industries in particular industries, such as petrochemical, show that significant increase in the last ten years. Methods developments related to the BBS implementation were also varied. But in essence, these methods continue to focus on efforts to control unsafe behaviour and potentially incident.

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